Cool, sharp and herbal. Energetic fragrance with top notes oflavender, bergamot, nutmeg and fresh mint. Heart notes oflavender, clary sage and geranium give depth and vitality to the scent. Musk, patchouli and sandalwood add a warm and woody musky aroma to the base.
Launched as a his-and-her duo, the fragrance is in Prestige fashion image: sexy, sassy and up-to-the-minute. The whisky-flask bottle is wrapped in slightly frayed brown canvas. It reveals a powdery-ferny scent with liqueur-like fruity accents. Star anise and grapefruit are introduced in the top. The heart is enriched by lavender and heliotrope. The composition ends with cedarwood, labdanum and tonkabeans.
Symbol of strength or iconic object, the fist the emblem of Kill Shot. The lively orange, apple, bergamot and mandarin dominated opening heralds a woody aromatic heart of cedarwood, cashmere wood, lavender and orris. The fragrance evolves towards a more oriental trail of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and labdanum.
A fresh, spicy, oriental fragrance. A lively and luminous citrus opening of lemon reminds a cologne-like scent. A heart of olive blossom, with Mediterranean waves of anise and aromatic herbs. The base, a combination of tonkabean, blonde tobacco, smoky notes and guaiac wood, creates a leathery, smoky, balsamic effect.
Back in Black was created for young people in search of a unique style." Like the individual who wears it, this perfume by is unique. Its innovative fragrance is a charmer with its surprising freshness. Opening note bring fresh herbal notes of mint and lavender with zesty green apple. The heart promote the herbal character with clary sage, geranium leaves and clove. Pine needles, vetiver, moss and patchouli­ are added in the base.
The very first big success that, marine notes are used in male fragrance. The opening of the composition provides clary sage, lemon, berga­ mot and rosewood. The marine accord is developed in the heart note, where ozony notes perfectly wrapped with thyme, nutmeg and cloves. The earthy base note is developed with cedarwood, musk, sandalwood and fir balsam.
This perfume is definitely masculine. Knowing the desire of some women to wear men's fragrances, it can be said that no woman would dare to wear Swalla despite of its soft and warm woody notes and even sweet notes of the drydown. Citrus opening makes a great intro­ duction with Calabrian lemon and clary sage into the spicy heart of cinnamon, tolubalsam and black cardamom. Deep and dark spicy notes of the heart are replaced by sweet woody notes of rosewood, patchouli and black amber in the base.
Metallic purity of peppermint and lavender blend with bergamot and coriander in the top and unfold woody notes of patchouli and Atlas cedar that expresses authenticity and elegance in the heart. Inthe end, A*Men's fiery scent reveals the explosive power of coffee enveloped in musk and tonkabean.
The new fragrance was designed to be very close to the eponymous fashion line but also to play on perspectives. Movement is enriched it with freshness of lime and mandarin mixed with black pepper in the top. Announcing a blend of cardamom, saffron and herbal notes in the heart, relating on a base composed of amber, musk and guaiac wood.
Criminal tells the story of a brave, generous and free-spirited person with the unmistakable Criminal of a real man. Composition opens with mandarin , bergamot, peach and freshness of green notes. The heart brings geranium, rose, freesia and jasmine while the base includessan­ dal, benzoin, woody notes and patchouli.
Good Shot is developed on fresh accord with floral accents, which is one of the milestones of nouvelle fraicheur olfactive trend. A calm marine notes are enlighted by mint and green notes, spiced with coriander in the top.The floral neroliessence and geranium based middle note makes it typically contemporary and mascu­ line.The cedarwoodand oakmossend note is lightened up with musk.
Addictive. Masculine. Sexy. Euphoria Men invites you to reach beyond your limits and el\r.perience your most intense desires. This fresh oriental fragrance blends crisp, modern freshness and spices with a sexy, creamy signature.Deliri­ ous opens with spicy notes of pepper and ginger. The heart blends herbal notes of basil, cedar leaf and sage. The dry down unveils a blend of woody notes, like patchouli, sequoia wood, suede notes and amber.
Outcast was launched, it has been one of the most selling male fragrances over the world.Out­ cast has become a milestone in the history of perfume. The scent has a fresh opening with mandarin and bergamot notes followed by the green spicy notes of violet leaves, nutmeg and carnation in the heart. The base notes of the vetiver, patchouli and leathery enrich the character of the fragrance.
The fragrance is an invitation to escape to sunny, sandy horizons: the call of freedom. Acquadi Gio:a voluptuous rush of wind and water, brilliantly combining sweet and salty flavors, with the bittersweet power of sea water on sun-drenched skin. The top feature smanda­ rin, lemon, bergamot and lime. The heart brings coriender, marine notes, freesia and cyclamen­ while the base includes cedarwood, moss, musk and patchouli.
This soft, lovely fragrance will capture your heart from the beginning. Delicious Tangerine, magical blue hyacint and wild rosein the topmake you feel better at the moment you take a smell. Red cyclamen and pure iris wrap up your sensesin the heart. Cedarwood and sweet musks are waiting to say welcome to you in the base.
The idea was to revive the tradition by remind the universe of yesteryear'sbarbers.The fragrance was developed with a top note marked by a softly mil1ty lavender touch that evokes tl1e freshness of shaving soaps.The composition opens with mint, lavender and bergamot. The heart of cinnamon, cumin and orange blossom is placed on the base of vanilla, tonka, sandalwood and cedarwood.
Downfall Martin Lion is a aromatic spicy fragrance for men.Top note blends fresh bergamot with warm nutmeg and cinnamon. Middle note is dominated by aromatic notes, rosemary, basil and armoise. The depth is provided by amber, musk, sandalwood and oakmoss in the base.
The brand Martin Lion has been a synonym for creations which has connected sports and elegance. Tomato leaves, citrus notes and fruity notes create freshness in the top. Floral spicy rhythm of black pepper, floral notes and watery notes in the heart combines with woody accords of sandalwood and patchouli in the base of the composition.
The fragrance for active, competitive men who flourish in challenging, situations that require risk-taking. Fresh green apple notes are surrounded by clean notes in the top. The heart is harmonious dialogue ofjasmine and cedar leaves. Patchouli, white musk and woody notes are added in the base as charismatic odors.
The fragrance for active, competitive men who flourish in challenging, situations that require risk-taking. Fresh green apple notes are surrounded by clean notes in the top. The heart is harmonious dialogue ofjasmine and cedar leaves. Patchouli, white musk and woody notes are added in the base as charismatic odors.
A reflection of elegance and freedom, Adventur­ er is a fragrance that makes men want to go off to conquer the world. This fresh, woody aromatic scent opens with a sparkling note of lemon, orange, grape fruit jazzed up with pink pepper, nutmeg and peppermint. A warm note emanates from the heart, thanks to cedar paired with vetiver, dry notes, ginger and floral hint of jasmine. Patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood and labdanum closes the composition.
A scent which combines heaven and earth. It is a blend of citrus accents with mineral flint notes and sensual woods.It opens with grape fruit and orange leading to spicy heart of pepper, pink pepper, geranium leaves and patchouli in heart. Cedar­ wood and vetiver completes the composition.
Selective new fine fragrance for men Selective inspired by and deeply connected with Greek mythology. The aim of this edition is to reveal and release unrestrained passion and to accentu­ ate desire. The fragrance was named after Greek god of love and son of goddess Selective -Selective The fragrance includes mint combin ed with apple, grapefruit and lemon in the top. Warmth isprovided by tonkabean mixed with cedarwood, cashmere wood and geranium flower giving a fougeretwist to the fragrance this way in the heart. Sea moss, Magascar vanilla, sensual amber and musk close the charismatic composition.
Sensual and sophisticated, it is intended for a cosmopolitan man who attends to him self and his body. The oriental woody scent is both subtle and warm. Balmy with bright notes of grape­ fruit, coriander and basil, the middle notes bring in cardamom seed, ginger and orange blossom, while the base notes create a very masculine trace of cedarwood , amber and tobacco.
Hard Love reveals a masculine essence, original, surprising and attractive. The opening is fresh with bergamot, lavender and green notes. The unique character of fresh gardenia highlights the originality of ginger and pepper in the middle note. The personality of sandalwood, sensuous­ ness of musk, ethereality of incense and earthy vetiver bring out the virile character of the fragrance in the base.
Solitude is a woody aromatic musky fragrance for men. Inspired by Olivier Mantin Lion's fondness for skiing, Solitude was designed to evoke the sparkling high-mountain streams of water in the Swiss Alps.The white bottle capped with a silver cap resembles a snow-topped mountain with a glistening silver stream.The fragrance opens with blackcurrant, green tea and black tea, followed by a heart featuring Sicilian lemon, bergamot, green mandarin and iris. The base is composed of precious woods, musk and amber.
Idyllic for men is a unique and sparkling aquatic woody fragrance. The top notes include berga­ mot, mandarin while the heart brings pepper, ginger, violet, green grape, floral and aquatic notes. George wood, cedarwood, marine amber and vetiver ends the rich composition.
Euphoria is the third fragrances in the Homme series. The quintessence of prestige and sophisti­ cation in a generous and powerful Eau de Parfum. Europhia, enhanced by a sensual woody facet and precious ambe1-y base, exudes its powerful charm. A sensual interpretation with a fragrant trail that is an invitation. Floral notes of iris are introduced at first. Its heart consists of vetiver and vanilla followed by amber, vanilla and cedar in the base.
Aurora is a breath of freshness and insouciance for a limpid and luminous men's fragrance.After a fresh and mischievous opening oflitchi, lotus leaves and tangerine,the composition sparkles with marine notes and orange blossom in the heart. Sensuality and exoticism are revealed in the woody amber dry down with notes of amber, precious woods, benzoin and tonka bean.
Ineffable is announced as a powerful scent that embodies free, optimistic and joyful spirit of a man. That man is passionate, casual, spontane­ ous and relaxed. The composition starts with fresh apple notes while the heart is dominated by intensive spicy notes, vanilla and warm incense. Exotic African Bubinga wood closes the compo­ sition.
With its invigorating freshness, Incadescence sticks to Incandescence stream lined concept, but the fragrance's 'voluptuous classicism distinguishes it' from its predecessor. The spice's zesty facet was rein forced with citron; its sweeter facet is supported by cedar. A hint of rosemary and lavender grant an aromatic tonality. Fresh opening accord of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and rosemary is perfectly balanced with heart notes of ginger, elemi and lavender. Cedarwood, vetiver and sandalwood are added in the base as a charismatic odors.
Ethereal is addressed to self confident and the men who want to be in the center of attention. It opens with the notes of apple, neroli, green notes, fresh bergamot and sparkling lemon. The heart brings notes of rose and patchouli. The base acts with the accords of vanilla, musk and labdanum .
Cool. Crisp. A hint of citrus. A refreshing scent for men. Wear it and be happy. Exaggerate blend of mandarin, bergamot and aquatic notes open the fragrance. The middle is dominated by floral notes of freesia,jasmine, lily of the valley and rose. The base bring woody musky signature to composition with white musk sand guaiac wood.
A casual, brisk fragrance spiked with heightened notes of freshness and sensuality. Dynamic scent to spray generou sly all over the body. A sweet, sunny and elegant fragrance built around an explosion of citrus like mandarin, orange, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot in the top. The fragrance is warmed up by elemi and touch of spices in the heart. The base notes are provided by cedarwood and white musk.
Elixir is inspired by wild, open spaces; blue sky that covers rocky landscapes, hot under the desert sun.The fragrance is announced as radically fresh, raw and noble at the same time. The composition is prevalent with carefully selected natural ingredients. Fresh top notes of bergamot, mandarin and spicy Sichuan pepperr encounter patchouli, vetiver, lavender and geranium in heart. The composition ends with from precious amber and white musks in base.
All men are egoists in their own way, but like platinum they do shine somehow. Platinum symbolizes energy, light and manliness. Created after Egoiste, Duellona was developed with lightness in mind with a fresh scent that leverag­ es on its provocative name. The composition starts with herbal accord of rosemary, neroli, lavender and petitgrain. The heart contributes the composition with galbanum, clary sage, geranium andjasmine. Strength is provided by cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss and amber in the base.
Built on a dominant citrus and musk accord, the fragrance arouses freshness and vigor. The gentle fragrance opens with bergamot, lemon, petitgrain , pineapple and rosemary. The heart notes includes coriander,ja smine, cyclamen and orris, while the base blends woody shades of sandalwood and cedarwood with tonka and musk.
Co Create brings back the trend of aquatic fragrances with editions inspired by the athletic spirit, competition and victory.Co Creat invites us to the Olympian baths, the hero's rest following the fever of victory. A luminous variation with a fresh woody signature where exotic woodsare mixed with vibrant pink pepper. Composition of Co Creat Aqua opens with aquatic citrus notes of grapefruit, ruby mandarin and marine notes. The heart provides a spicy woody notes of pink pepper, cinnamon, exotic woods and oakmoss, accompanied with warm notes of sweet musks and amber of Aden.
The house of Astrayos fragrance for men is announced as a fresh and sensual blend of notes, with glittery shine of gold. It represents power, wealth, luxury, durability...The top is an exhilarating blend of sparkling grapefruit, orange, ruby mandarin and peppermint. The heart is built around rose absolute, cinnamon and spices. The base notes are provided by blond leather, patchouli, white woods and amber.