About Us

Who is Nucos Cosmetics?

Nucos Cosmetic Chemicals is based in Istanbul and in the cosmetics industry sales points in various provinces of Turkey, especially the group with quality perfumes and colognes baby yapmaktadır.nucos years manufacturing and export company with a stable and balanced growth policy draws a steady upward graph. This situation carries the company’s domestic success to an international dimension and rapidly expands its customer network with exports to Europe and abroad.


Why Nucos Cosmetics? What does the company guarantee to its domestic and foreign customers?

Nucos Kozmetik expands its production range with its new products determined by the expert research team as a result of domestic and international market researches, and offers its products at the most affordable prices and health standards to its customers without compromising product quality with its own registered brands. We all work to expand our customer family and ensure their satisfaction.


What are the Vision and Registered Trademarks of Our Company at Home and Abroad? Which Certificates Does It Have?

Nucos has reached the top level of competition with the latest production technology. Our company’s production quality control system is under the permission of the Turkish Ministry of Health. In addition, our products are manufactured after being approved by our chemical engineers and product managers as a result of rigorous studies. It has been adopted with the registered brands of Rainbow, Flaby, Marjinal, No On and Lisse, with its own registered brands in many countries in the country, and with its own registered brands in many countries abroad. In our international relations, our import and export departments bring a new spirit to the company, reinforcing it with the international fairs and trips they attend, bringing dynamism to the competitive power of the company.

Nucos Export


Established in 2001, Nucos Cosmetics produces various quality cosmetics and personal care products for Men, Women and Children.


Lisse, Rainbow, Marginal SOS, perfumes and colognes, deodorants, hand foot creams, diaper rash cream, hair serum, gel, body fumes and body lotions are among the selective products exported under their own brands. Flaby and no.


Nucos Kozmetik will continue to offer to the local and international market with the most important quality and privileged service at every step:

Honesty, Quality and Discipline.